Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Way Back Wednesday

Hey Brainiacs,

I hope you're all having a great week so far.  I've managed to buy groceries and shave my legs, so it's all coming up roses for me.

In honor of #waybackwednesday, I've decided to make a fashion edition.  Here are some of the top photographs over the years of fashion editorial.  Feel free to weigh in if you STRONGLY disagree, STRONGLY agree, or you just feel like saying something.

1. David Sims

2. Patrick Demarchelier

3. Guy Bourdin

4. Richard Avedon

5. Cecil Beaton

6. Annie Leibovitz

7. Berry Berenson

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

How to Deal with Reverse Empty-Nester

Last summer was the last time I was without my dad for an extended period of time.  Two months, to be exact.  The longest I had ever been away from him.  I was in New York, living my dream interning at Harper’s Bazaar magazine.  But I hated not having my best friend.

For those of you who don’t know, my dad and I are close. In fact, closer than close.  We do everything together.  We work out together, we eat together, we write together, we watch TV together, we read the same books—sometimes I even wear his clothes.  He’s more than my father, more than my best friend.  He’s part of who I am.

This summer, we’re apart again.  This time, he’s the one who’s gone.  And this time, he isn’t coming back.

I’m not even sure why I’m writing this.  To whine about how much I miss my dad?  It’s true.  I feel lost without him.  But the point is, not all of us leave home first.  Sometimes, by some freak occurrence, the parents (or other loved ones) actually leave before you do.  Whether or not you’re close with them, it’s a shock to the system to be fresh out of college and completely alone.  In this case, how do you deal?
Set Yourself Goals
For many of us, it’s difficult to self-start.  College was exhausting enough and now you just want to relax.  However, you can’t. 

It’s important to find balance and not overwork yourself, but it’s also important to make sure you know what you’re doing.  Your loved ones aren’t there to help guide you, and so you kind of have to figure it out yourself. 

Try setting goals: for the day, for the week, for the month, for the next three months.  Stick to them.  It’ll give you a sense of being grounded.

Reach Out to Old Friends
It’s easy to take your family for granted when you see/talk to them every single day, but when you suddenly don’t have that anymore, it can feel very strange. 

I recommend reaching out to old friends you haven’t been able to see because you were too busy with school and catching up.  It feels good to see someone who has always been important to you.

Work Out
If you already do this, maybe try a different style of workout.  For example, swap cardio for a nice yoga session. You may be feeling anxiety/pressure for what’s next in your life, and without your loved ones there to give you peace of mind, it’s helpful to release that tension with a workout.

Set Aside Time for a Phone Call
Always make sure to keep in touch with your loved ones—they likely miss you as much as you miss them.  It will feel good to unwind and talk about your day with people who have your best interest at heart.

Take A Bath
I’ve yet to try this, but I hear it’s super relaxing and so why not add it to the list?  Besides, if you’ve already done everything else, you probably really smell by now anyway.

Or Maybe…You Don’t Give A Shit
Maybe your parents or other loved ones really suck and it’s like, good riddance.  In that case, throw a damn party!  You don’t need those assholes.



Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Balenciaga Spring 2018 Menswear

While people of all shapes, sizes, and even careers walked for Vetements the past few seasons, Demna Gvasalia used a similar approach for Balenciaga's men.  This season, Gvasalia took a page from the Dolce & Gabbana book and centered his show around the idea of family.

It's Domenico (Dolce) and Stefano (Gabbana) who typically celebrate motherhood with their shows.  Each runway appearance of the brand feels like an intimate, joyous, Italian family gathering.  For Balenciaga, Gvasalia dared to show man as a family-oriented being.

Is this a step forward for fashion and society?  The clothes, which were expectedly amazing, were the last thing I noticed when looking at this show.  Showing these men as dads, as nurturers, takes away the pressure from women to be in this role.

This is what I love about fashion and art.  It's so much more than just fabric on a model.  When utilized properly, fashion can convey messages powerful enough to alter the dichotomy of the world we live in.

Although these children do look a little confused as to why they're being paraded before a crowd of fashion insiders and celebrities.

What are your thoughts on this collection/model choice?  Leave a comment below!



Monday, June 19, 2017

The 10 Best Sandals for Summer

Hi Brainiacs,

As the heat wave takes over this week, I'm 99% miserable but 1% excited to start thinking about SHOES!  Avid readers of my blog are aware that I believe in investment pieces.  What is the point of buying a cheap pair of shoes that are going to fall apart while you're walking down the street?

Here is a list of my favorite shoes of the season and why you should invest in a pair:

1. Marc Jacobs

Because black is year-round and that combined with the bold studs on these sandals make a statement. You can find these studded wonders for an alarming amount of money here. But, can you really put a price on fashion? Don't answer that.

2. Stuart Weitzman

These frayed-ankle sandals are perfect for the Fourth of July. They're the ideal balance of soft femininity and sex appeal.

3. Loeffler Randall

The return of the stud! However, these are a lot more subtle than Marc Jacobs'.  The velvet allows a romance that complements the roughness and danger associated with studs.

4. Steve Madden

Beautifully simple and beautifully affordable, Steve Madden always makes sense.  These are the type of sandals you can keep forever because they'll never NOT work. Or you can just tell yourself that because you're too cheap to buy another pair. Either way.

5. Tibi

This sandal is incredibly simple and another that will make it through season after season with its style.  The block heel allows stability and comfort while still looking great. 

6. Alexander Wang

Wait! I didn't forget about you people who don't like high heels, and neither did Alexander Wang. Much like the rest of his designs, this shoe is all about ease, comfort, and simplicity.  It's made with cotton denim--does it get more comfortable than that?

7. Nicholas Kirkwood

Proof that you're allowed to be both comfortable AND fashionable. You don't need to think about Crocs when you have a pair of these.  The pearls and gold embellish bring these sandals to the next level.

8. Manolo Blahnik

Because leopard print always makes sense.

9. Prada

A modern take on a retro classic, and as far as I'm concerned, this color is the only acceptable option. Thanks Miuccia. 

10. Miu Miu

Leave it to Prada's little sister to bring it for this summer. Your feet will probably sweat profusely, but isn't it worth it for this pair of rabbit fur, crystal-heeled sandals? I don't know if you can get more extra than these.



Girl Scouts Attack the Gender Gap

Hey Everyone,

Fall of 2018 will bring to the Girl Scouts something that has never been seen before: the possibility to earn badges in cybersecurity.

The Scouts will be adding 18 new badges to their collection, allowing girls to learn data privacy, protection from cyberbullying, and online defense.  All of these badges will be available to Scouts ages K-12, while the older Scouts will be given the option to learn coding, ethical hacking, and creating/working around firewalls.

Rather than learning how to cook or sew, this next generation of girls will be given more of a level playing field with boys when it comes to pursuing education and/or careers in the maths and sciences.  Since Silicon Valley is basically all male, this is a great opportunity to diversify the field.

This decision is based on research.  The CEO of the Girl Scouts surveyed members and found that most girls had a desire to learn more about computer science.

I'm upset this wasn't an option when I was younger.  I was a Girl Scout for a few months before I quit because I was so bored.  The most useful thing I learned in there was how to antagonize the troop leaders until they were literally red in the face and shaking with rage.

What are your thoughts on this? Personally I think this is an amazing opportunity to close the gender gap and break the glass ceiling, something that's been talked about for years but NEVER really acted on.  It's 2017 and we're still moving glacially slow when it comes to gender equality, and that's not okay.

Comment below with your opinion.



Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Justifying Nature

Actress China McClain posted a photo of herself wearing her natural hair on Instagram this week with the message: "Haven't ever really worn my natural hair but I'm sick of straightening this magic.  I'm a black girl and I'm hella proud."

What's problematic here is that this is newsworthy.  Multiple outlets posted articles about the fact that this actress posted a photo with her natural hair.  Don't get me wrong, I think it's amazing that she feels empowered and wants to lift up other women on her social media, but should the act of wearing your hair natural be considered brave?

It's not fair that women, and specifically women of color, have to justify wearing natural hair or forgoing makeup.  It's not fair that we have to say "No makeup day" or "bedhead" to "apologize" for the fact that we're being ourselves.

This photo shouldn't be newsworthy, but it is.  This should be a photo of a young woman living her life.  We shouldn't need to be told that we can love and accept ourselves no matter what our nature looks like.  We should already know this.  We should already be allowed to love ourselves unconditionally.

What do you think about this?  Am I wrong?  Do you agree or disagree?  Again, I think it's great that she feels empowered and is empowering others via her social media platform.  But again, I don't think this is something that should need to be said.

Comment with your thoughts.



Thom Browne Resort 2018

Hey Everyone,

Sorry it's been a while, but it's difficult to get into fashion when you're forcing yourself to gain 30+ pounds (of health, yeah yeah yeah).  But I'm back!  And so is Thom Browne.

For his resort collection, Browne played more with pastels and textures than ever before.  His designs are typically renowned for their impeccable tailoring, but the focus of this collection is more on the fabrics and the colors.

Here are a few of my favorite looks from the collection:

Enlighten me: what are your thoughts on these looks?  Find the full collection here: and pick out your favorites I didn't mention.  We can argue back and forth on whose selections are best.