Monday, November 7, 2016

Model Monday: Maya Koshaba

Hey Brainiacs,

While ALL Mondays are special simply for being devoted to models, this Model Monday is particularly significant because of who is being featured: Maya Koshaba, and up-and-coming model who I've had the privilege of knowing closely.

Half Spanish and half Middle Eastern, Koshaba is much like the model of the 21st century that Vogue has deemed a "slasher": she is a model/actress/publicist/writer.  Koshaba is a woman of many talents and the equal amount of drive and ambition for each of them.  She spent most of her life in Texas where she began her career as a publicist, but a little over a year ago she packed up everything and moved to NYC to pursue all of her true passions.

Koshaba's strong features and a willingness to learn and adapt have made for a strong kick in the door of her career.

As far as aesthetic, Koshaba exhibits that thing I love to talk about: versatility.  She can move through shots seamlessly, giving the viewer a sultry look, a glimpse into her affable humor, or a thoughtful mysteriousness all within the timeframe of a few seconds.  Her dark hair, thick eyebrows, and pouty lips make for a face that's difficult to turn away from.

As far as her goals as a model: Koshaba entered into the fashion scene with hopes to empower women.  "I'm a real woman with curves," Koshaba said with a proud smile.  She wants nothing more than to push the envelope in everything she does and make a statement to women everywhere: We're all real, we're all beautiful, and we should all love everything about our bodies.

What are YOUR thoughts on Maya?  A model you'd like to see more of? Less of? Leave a comment with opinion!



(Photography by Thomas Garza)


  1. Thank you for the feature, Taylor! Beautifully written!

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    1. Thank you for your comment, I appreciate your kind words. We are all beautiful and it truly comes from within!

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    3. I'm proud of you! -Joseph

    4. Thank you, Joseph! Thank you for reading, and for your comment. We all just have to keep searching and doing what we love! Thanks, again!–Maya

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