Friday, September 9, 2016

Adam Selman SS 2017

Hi Brainiacs,

Happy Friday and let the Fashion Week continue!  Another MAJOR show that blew us away this season was from Texas' Adam Selman, a designer typically known for his performance costumes and outrageousness (i.e. Rihanna's 2014 CFDA Award naked dress).

His Spring/Summer 2017 ready-to-wear line is much tamer than we typically see from him on the red carpet, but fabulous and elegant nonetheless.  Here are some of the season's standouts:

Look 3:

 This is a timeless spring look, reminiscent of something SJP would have worn on SATC.

Look 6:

This looks like something I would find draped over my Mexican grandma's plastic-covered couch, but in a fresh light.

Look 7:

While baggy and shapeless, the sheerness and the peek of skin makes this sexy and feminine--the sneakers bring it back to reality.

Look 13:

Perhaps indicative that it is, in fact, every woman's dream to be a mermaid.

Look 14:

The funky shades and shortened hemline take this prairie look to a whole other level.

Look 18:

Refreshing, simple, and sexy.

Look 30:

The shimmery sliver and crimped hair make this baggy ensemble cute and youthful.  A daring creation.

Look how happy he is: succes!

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