Thursday, June 30, 2016

Balmain Resort 2017

I'm just going to come out and say it: I haven't really been a fan of Balmain.  I know, I know, fashion blasphemy, and I do love Olivier Rousteing, but the past collection or two have been too structured for me.  The entire runway of F/W 2016/2017 looked like a lineup of models dressed in effeminate body armor.  Don't get me wrong--Balmain can be absolutely stunning, and Rousteing can really steal the show during awards season, but it just hasn't really been inspiring to me in the past.

Throw that entire rant in the garbage for this resort collection--it was absolutely fabulous.  And I went in with my mind pretty much set up.  As the pictures of the collection were loading, I was practically groaning inwardly.  However, Rousteing made me practically embarrassed for ever having any doubt. 

If Balmain has had problems with too much structure in the past, this collection doesn't have a trace of that.  Each piece is free and easy; it exudes vacation.  While the fall collection was mainly pastel and muted colors, this collection pops--each piece is a rainbow.  Perhaps it's Rousteing's way of paying tribute to the lives that were taken in Orlando...let's just ignore the fact that he probably designed these looks before the tragedy.  It's either sentimental or great timing.

A few looks that stood out:

Look 2: Model wears a simple, dark green jumpsuit with subtle ruffling, a royal blue high-waisted belt, and a giant gold necklace.  The fact that the necklace is short saves it from being garish and allows the eyes to focus on the simple silhouette of the jumpsuit.

Look 4: Gold pants and a ruffled mermaid skirt.  I feel like I'm on a fantasy disco island.

Look 6: This dress is reminiscent of a peacock and it's absolutely illuminating on this model.  Paired with another simple gold necklace with a thick orange ribbon and turquoise stone.

Look 10: This reminds me of Rainbow Brite, in the best way possible.

Look 12: While the collection thus far makes me think of a tropical island, this look reminds me of something brought back from Mexico during my childhood.  Woven, colorful pants, an equally bright belt, and a muted deep tan top and cape/coat.  Perfect contrast.

Look 15: The detail on this dress is like something you'd see hanging in a psychiatrist's office for interpretation.  I can't stop looking!

Look 29: Simple and sophisticated.  A little more serious than the rest of the collection; it has more of an elegance.

Look 30: A tame version of psychedelics...who knew that was possible?

And those purses! I have no words.  Just the heart-eyes emoji.  No clue what I'm talking about?  Check out the full collection here

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Avie Acosta Scoffs at Barriers

The story of the trans/queer model breaking through stereotypes is almost old news at this point.  Trans models are slowly making their way to the runways, walking major shows with pride and confidence.  Female models are in menswear shows, men are in women's clothing, blah blah blah.  It's reassuring that it's old news--it means that change is beginning to take effect.

However, the story of Avie Acosta has a little more bite than your typical queer model.  Acosta was born male.  She grew up in a small town in Oklahoma, dreaming of moving to New York and making her mark in the fashion world.  At age 19, she moved to the City and began undergoing hormone treatment, determined to be on the outside who she felt she was on the inside.

Rather than pansy around about it by sending out resumes and crossing her fingers, or perhaps assuming it would fall into her lap, Acosta began reaching out to those she believed could make her modeling dream come true.  Here's the plot twist: it worked.  She quickly got an introduction to Kendall Werts, her now-agent. 

Acosta is now living out her dream.  What is better than that?  Her story practically brings tears to my eyes; this is someone who, at a young age, realized her own potential utilized it beautifully.  She now lives in the city she's been lusting after since she was a child, has an envy-invoking group of friends, and works for a major modeling agency.  That is how you get what you want.  You take it.

When asked what it's like to be on the men's board at her agency, she told New York Magazine: “I like to think of it as — you know when you were in middle school and there’s that one girl who is on the football team? And that girl was the cool girl?  That’s how I feel.”

Image result for avie acosta model

NOTE: All details on model taken from

Book Club: Girl, Interrupted

Am I crazy?

This is the question Susanna Kaysen continues to ask herself to this day, according to her 1993 memoir Girl, Interrupted.  The memoir documents her two-year stay at psychiatric McLean Hospital in the 1960s, where she checked herself in after a therapy session when she was 18 years old.  Kaysen was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder after attempting suicide by taking several aspirin and then passing out. 

The book contains many interesting characters, made that much more interesting based on the fact that they are real people.  Kaysen writes about her group of friends: a sociopath, two schizophrenics, a drug addict, and an obsessive compulsive.  The book doesn't have any major plot; instead, it focuses on the human condition of the patients and the nurses.  The lines are so blurred between the two that the reader begins to question who the crazy ones really are.

It's a quick read (I got through it in one day), but an enjoyable one.  While Kaysen spends most of the book documenting particular instances with startling clarity and unsuspecting comedy, she closes with a brief analysis of her own disorder and how she deals with it to this day as a successful published author, something almost no one believed she could accomplish.  It grants the reader a tremendous and humbling amount of understanding for those with mental conditions, as well as introspection. 

Am I crazy?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Courrèges Resort 2017

Courrèges just released their resort line in Paris this morning and it's magnificent.  Done partially with a 3-D printer, it's like peering through a crystal ball of fashion's future.  The Courrèges team has always been one for minimalism: advertisements with no clothes in sight, backdrops of black and white, never using models.  This season isn't any different--the 18 pieces, each more innovative than the last, are displayed in a bare white room on a single silver hanger.

The collection starts out with outerwear, designed to look futuristic and space-agey.  It looks like something that can be found in the costume department of Star Trek--in the best way possible.  The rest of the line is metallic skirts and shorts, basic T-shirts that are far from basic, one blouse in particular that looks like you'd need assistance getting into, and a funky pair of white and silver booties.

The entire collection can be found here:
Check it out and let me know: What did you think about it? Would you wear it? Do you appreciate it? Do you hate it? Use your words!


The Best of So You Think You Can Dance

As a former dancer, I've always been a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance.  I've been watching for years, obsessing over the sassy, sexy, elegant exuberance of the top contestants.  My father and I have made it a summer tradition to record the entire season and then rewatch each dance over and over until we practically have it memorized ourselves.  He is also a former dancer, so we pay attention to the little details: pointed toes, turned out knees, ballet hands, the couple's chemistry, and overall presentation. 

We were pretty crushed to find out that this season is dedicated to youth dancers.  Where are the Twitchs, the Melanies, the Sashas, the Rickys?  Don't get me wrong, I've seen eleven-year-olds who can dance me right off the stage, but the whole reason I watch the show is to see fully evolved dancers that have ALREADY gone through puberty. 

To mourn the loss of a So You Think You Can Dance I actually want to sit through and vote for, here is a list of my all-time favorite dancers on the show (in no particular order):

1. Melanie Moore (contemporary, Season 8)

Melanie has legs that would plague any aspiring dancer with an uncontrollable envy.  She carries so much power in her lower body, yet she maintains a grace that can bring an audience to tears.  She's got a great stage face--a smile that outshines anyone she dances with.

2. Caitlynn Lawson (contemporary, Season 8)

Caitlynn was such a sweet dancer, all soft lines and shy elegance.  However, she stunned the crowd when she danced the Argentine tango with an all-star, one of the sexiest dances of the season.

3. Rickey Jaime (contemporary, Season 8)

All I can say about Rickey is legs, legs, legs.  The most beautiful, flexible, powerful legs I've ever seen.  I'm still jealous of him, and baffled that he didn't get farther in the competition.

4. Comfort Fedoke (breakdance/hip-hop, Season 4)

Comfort remains one of the sexiest dancers I've ever seen.  She's absolutely mesmerizing.  Every little movement she makes is defined--she cuts no corners.  She exudes strength and femininity in such a powerful way.

5. Tiffany Maher (Jazz, Season 9)

Tiny little firecracker.  She has such a bright personality when she dances, you can't help smiling along.

6. Aaron Turner (tap, Season 10)

I'm still in love with Aaron.  He has a heartbreaking smile and incredible attention-to-detail, a must for a tapper this talented.

These are just a few of my favorites over the years of SYTYCD, when it was actually a show to watch.  Leave a comment with some of your favorites! Let's reminisce. 

Friday, June 24, 2016

French Friday

Aside from the remedial French lessons that were mandatory at my elementary school, I don't speak a word of French.  Bonjour and Comme talle-vous (I'm almost positive that's spelled incorrectly) about sums it up.  Wait!  And baguette.  Croissant.  Anyway, this is why it doesn't make sense for me to read French Vogue.  And don't get me wrong, what I do definitely can't be classified as "reading."  Skimming the gibberish and getting excited when I recognize celebrity, model, or designer names is pretty much the extent of it.  However, what always draws me back to French magazines, no matter how little sense they make to me, is their never-failing sense of effortless (although slightly intimidating) chic.  Here are a few of my favorite editorial clips from French Vogue; a sweet sight for your Friday.

Image result for paris vogue editorial
Kate Moss by Mert & Marcus.

by Patrick Demarchelier

Lineisy Montero by Alasdair McLellan

Natalia Vodianova by Mikael Jansson

Daria Werbowy by Mikael Jansson

Ruth & May Bell by Harley Weir

Coco Rocha by Bruce Weber

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Book Club: The Cuckoo's Calling

For my first Book Club post, I choose to discuss Robert Galbraith's The Cuckoo's Calling.  Robert Galbraith, a clever pseudonym for renowned literary rock star J.K. Rowling, uses this novel to introduce readers to a riveting crime mystery series, of which she has written three. 

I've been voraciously keeping up with the series, and The Cuckoo's Calling immediately captivated me.  Here are the reasons I love this novel, and perhaps reasons you will as well:

1. It takes place in England.  Maybe it's the Harry Potter fan in me, but I've always been in love with everything British.  While reading this novel, I talked to myself in a bad British accent and didn't stop for weeks.
2. The protagonist is easy to love.  Cormoran Strike is not an overwhelming character--a strong, silent, massive war veteran who wears a prosthetic leg and doesn't take well to small talk.  He's a bit socially awkward and blunt but he somehow always knows how to do the right thing, not to mention he's brilliant and described to be built as a linebacker.  This is my kind of man. 
3. He is going to fall in love with Robin.  Robin is his new secretary sent to him from a temp agency.  She has always wanted to work as a detective but never finished at university to fulfill her dreams.  This is her dream job and she's determined to stay on permanently.  Their relationship is so awkward and uncomfortable yet riddled with (sexual?) tension.  As you progress through the series, you want to grab each character, shake them hard, and scream "Tell her how you feel, man!"
4. The setting is the fashion world.  In this particular case, Strike is solving the death of a young and internationally famous fashion model, who her brother believes was murdered.  Many of the characters who appear are fashion photographers, models, celebrities, actors, etc.  It's quite glamorous.
5. The characters display diversity.  There are people of different ethnicities, backgrounds, and age, with different accents and mannerisms that keep the book feeling so alive with personality.
6. It moves at a breakneck pace.  Completely unable to put down.  I don't think it left my hand for like 3 days straight.  As soon as you get started, you NEED to know who killed Lula Landry.

Has anyone else read any of the Cormoran Strike novels?  If so, what did YOU think?  Opinions? Frustrations? Elations? Leave a comment!


Carrie Bradshaw Moves On

For those of you who haven't heard, SJP has officially said goodbye to Carrie Bradshaw forever.  "Sex and the City," which aired its last episode on HBO in 2004, has been rumored to pick up again in the future or even film a third movie, but it seems the door has been's okay, though.  Let's still lie to ourselves and say this just sets the reunion back another few years.  Kind of like that impending "Friends"'s definitely happening.

Anyway, why do I say Parker is done with "SATC"?  She has been cast as the lead in a new HBO series "Divorce," a comedy about a couple going through a long and grueling split-up.  This will be her first television role since Carrie Bradshaw, so the bar is set pretty high.  However, I fell in love with SJP long before she was lusting over Manolos and brooding over Big--back when she was Janey in Girls Just Want to Have Fun.  This movie was the anthem of my childhood.  Parker has only gotten better in each role, and evolved into every woman's role model while I watched in amazement.

"Divorce," which will feature Thomas Haden Church as the soon-to-be-ex-husband, is sure to be a hit based on what Parker has always been capable of. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Noteworthy Times Dance Influenced Couture

I grew up as a dancer and have always been completely enthralled by the beauty of it.  Everything about dance is gorgeous: the tight, simple ballet buns, the smooth, creamy tights, the form-fitting leotards, the thin and elegant slippers and jazz shoes.

The studio I attended required that all ballet students come to class with their hair in a tight bun, pink tights and black leotard, and pink ballet shoes (black shorts as an option for boys).  If a student wasn't dressed properly, he/she was sent home.  A lot of the students found this ruthless rule to be unnecessarily strict and outdated, but I relished it.  Nothing made me feel better than sliding on those tights and leotard, lacing up my ballet slippers, and standing up straight as a rod. 

Although ballet was my forte, there are so many different areas of dance that can make you feel beautiful beyond the movement and grace: the street-style of hip hop, the sexiness of jazz, the flowy elegance of contemporary--there is no doubt that the simple act of putting on your dance clothes makes you feel invincibly beautiful.  Here are a few times dance has inspired the fashion world with its gorgeous garments.

Lexi Boling by Nathaniel Goldberg for Vogue China Collections October 2015:
Vogue China Collections, Oct. 2015

Les Twins with model for Paris Vogue, 2014

Chanel Haute Couture in Vogue, year unknown.

British Vogue, year unknown.

Naomi and Christy in Versace.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Gary Johnson for President

I don't even have to ask if I am the only one who is going to vomit all over myself if I have to see the name Trump or Clinton ever again (oops).  During my lunch break at work today I was enjoying a salad and skimming through my edition of New York Magazine when I came across an article introducing Gary Johnson to me.

Obviously Johnson doesn't have a prime platform in this election, as I have never heard of him before today, but just seeing "For president" next to a name that doesn't rhyme with Frump or Shinton made me giddy with excitement.  Johnson is a libertarian, which is a party I have always understood and agreed with on many issues but which has never been even close to mainstream.

While I doubt Johnson will be the first libertarian to change this, I can only hope that articles like this one and the one he wrote for CNN ( will circulate and get people thinking.  So many people are feeling discouraged when it comes to voting, which is a shame.  The right to vote and democracy is what this country is built on, and to have that passion and excitement practically obliterated by two blubbering assholes is completely disheartening.

Attached is a list of Johnson's stances on various issues...maybe you'll agree and maybe you won't, but at least give him a fair chance.  As of now, he is a glimmer of hope for me and for the first time in months, I feel the slightest bit of positivity about the future of our country.

How to Dress for the Heat

Those of you in Southern California with me are well aware of just how scorching hot it's been these past few days.  Sometimes it can be difficult to feel any sort of fashion inspiration when you're so focused on simply not sweating through everything you own.  For keeping it casual, cool, and still looking put together, here are a couple ideas.

Slip Dress

It's basically old news that the 90's are back, and which fashion magazine/blog hasn't devoted at least 3 fashion spreads to the slip?  However, although it may be overkill, I still have such appreciation for the simple beauty.  The above dress can be found at Topshop ($90).  Perfect for braving the heat (since as far as your body is concerned, you feel pretty much naked), this dress is literally the easiest thing to throw on while still looking subtly glamorous. Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw Naked Dress and be beautiful.

 Maxi Skirt

While it makes sense to believe that showing more skin makes you cooler, I've found the opposite--especially when it comes to skirts.  While mini skirts are sexy and fun to wear, the constant need to keep your legs together and body in line so you're not flashing from the front and the back is not fun--least of which when it's hot.  The flesh of my thighs rubbing together in 106 degrees? No thanks.  While maxi skirts cover your entire lower body, the loose material allows you to go crazy underneath: am I doing the splits?  Am I popping a squat?  Did I even shave my legs? Who knows, who cares?  The skirt pictured above I instantly fell in love with (Free People, $148).  It opens on the side so you're guaranteed a breeze, and the cotton fabric is just flimsy enough to be great for the heat.

Gender Fluidity in Fashion

More and more designers have been blurring the lines between their menswear and womenswear collections: Sibling, Prada, and Vivienne Westwood, to name a few.  At first I didn't know how to feel about this.  Would the collections focus too much on gender fluidity and, as a result, suffer in innovation and creativity?  Thankfully, the answer is no. 

It's liberating to see a world where men aren't supposed to wear pants and women aren't supposed to wear skirts.  No one is supposed to wear anything anymore.  Fashion is an art form, a vessel for free-thinking and self-expression.  It's not meant to be confining or restrictive.  It's meant to represent us as people: who we are, how we feel, what we like. 

  4  8

Vivienne Westwood Spring 2017 Men's

After all, what does it matter if a man wants to wear a dress or a woman wants to wear a tuxedo?  Who the fuck cares?

Comment with thoughts.


Friday, June 17, 2016

Brock Turner Is A Swimmer

Brock Turner is a swimmer.  He's a Stanford student.  He's got 39 people vouching for his character.  He's someone we can trust--specifically a judge.  Specifically the judge of the case in which Turner was a convicted rapist.  Trusted enough to be taken at his word.  He's sorry.  He feels really bad.  Luckily, the judge understands.

This is the order we see Brock Turner's case in: first, swimmer and Stanford.  Then, all of the people who can vouch for him.  Then, he's sorry.  He just feels so bad.  And somewhere in there, like a Wheat Thin in a bag of Cheez-Its, is the word "rapist." 

Why is it that Turner is getting excused for his actions?  Why is Turner the swimmer, the student, the kid who did the darnedest thing?  Why did the judge feel comfortable with "taking him at his word"?  Why is his family making excuses for him?  Why are his friends going on about what a great guy he is?  Most importantly, why is his victim known only as unconscious intoxicated woman?  Why is she being questioned for how much she drank, how she was behaving, what kind of "signals" she was giving him?  Why was she forced to face her attacker in court only to find out that he will be serving a measly 6 months in jail?

According to the chilling letter the woman wrote to Turner and read aloud to him in court, "she was found breathing, unresponsive with her underwear six inches away from her bare stomach curled in fetal position. By the way, he’s really good at swimming...the end is where you list your extracurriculars to cancel out all the sickening things that’ve happened."  After waking up in a hospital and finding out what happened to her through news articles, she became aware that she had been raped.  She had no recollection of the event--only bruises, cuts, and an excruciating pain between her legs. 

The rapist is the swimmer; the victim of rape is the intoxicated woman.  How fucked up is that?  We need to stop pardoning criminals because they "made a mistake," because they're good students or athletes or friends.  Because as exalted as these actions are, they simply don't cancel out the offense of rape.  In fact, I don't see anything that does.  A young man walks into a courtroom expected to serve 14 years in jail for his crime and comes out with a slap on the wrist.  A young woman's entire life is ruined; she is traumatized, physically and emotionally scarred, and diminished to "intoxicated woman."  Something is wrong with this picture.  Why is nothing being done to fix it? 

Comment your thoughts.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

TBT: Yves Saint Laurent

For the blog's first #ThrowBackThursday, I decided to focus on the late great designer Yves Saint Laurent.

Saint Laurent, the French fashion designer who passed in 2008, is one of the most exalted names in fashion and couture.  Known as fashion's first enfant terrible (see Marc Jacobs, John Galliano), he started designing at the house of Dior when he was only 21.  After taking over the house after Christian Dior's passing, he set out to begin his own namesake line.  With the help of his longtime partner Pierre Berge, Saint Laurent rocketed to the absolute top of the fashion world with his groundbreaking designs: women in sexy black dresses, women in tuxedos, the famous Le Smoking.  Saint Laurent was a man with impeccable taste and insurmountable talent, an asset to the fashion world.

Different adaptations of Le Smoking, the tuxedo that introduced women to menswear.

Saint Laurent with two of his muses and close friends, Loulou de la Falaise and Betty Catroux (L to R).

The infamous couple, Saint Laurent and Berge.

Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Black for Every Season

New Yorkers have been doing it best for as long as anyone can remember; somehow they manage to remain some of the most stylish people in the world while basically wearing a uniform: black.  Yet, I can see the appeal.  It matches with everything, it's way more understanding than other colors when you spill some curry on yourself, and it's undeniably cool.  Here are some of my favorite photographs of people making black work for them, in their own unique way.  Feel free to post your interpretation in the comment section:

L to R: Kendall Jenner, Lady Gaga, Melissa Rauch, Krysten Ritter, Idris Elba, Rose Byrne, Versace SS 15, Willow Smith.

7 Ways to Stay Healthy In An Office

At the start of the summer, I began interning at CBS Studios--a.k.a., my first office job.

I've heard all of the horror stories.  Not enough movement, constant grazing, coworkers bringing in donuts and snacks, confusing hunger with boredom.  I typically work as a cashier, so I'm constantly moving, and I'm heavily into fitness.  Even when I have a day off, I devote a large portion of the day to running, yoga, hiking, etc.  Naturally, this was kind of a terrifying transition for me.  I couldn't help thinking, Will I get enough steps?  Will I start eating too much?  Will I lose muscle mass, gain fat?  A little neurotic, I'm aware, but that's just me.  Anyway, I thought things through and developed a few quick and easy solutions to ensure that I could make the best of my office job and still be happy with my health.  In a similar jam?  Consider the following:

1. Stay hydrated

I bring this giant water bottle to work every day, and thankfully we are provided with a refreshing water cooler.  I make sure to refill it throughout the day, never without it by my side.  Drinking enough water, as most of us know, curbs appetite, gives you energy, and is great for the skin.

2. B.Y.O.T. (Bring Your Own Tea)

Thankful for whoever invented the hot water function on a water cooler.  I stuff my purse with tea bags every morning and bring a travel mug, brewing a fresh cup every two hours or so.  It's great for digestion and mood.  I like to drink green tea when I'm feeling tired, and oolong to keep me soothed during times of stress.

3. Say a Mantra

I know this sounds cheesy as all hell, but it really does help.  Sometimes the workload is light which causes the day to feel quite long, but I've learned from yoga practice that saying an uplifting mantra to yourself can do the same to your day.  Some mantras to consider: "I am strong."  "May my learning be lifting and powerful today."  "May my coworkers and I create strength amongst one another."  "I am prosperous."  "I am that."  The last one really speaks to me because of its simplicity.  It sounds like nothing, but it can be applied to literally ANYTHING.

4. Yoga--It Can Be Done At Your Desk

Yoga is more than a form of exercise.  It's a state of mind, good for the body and soul.  Simply touching your palms together and breathing deeply can send a wave of calm throughout your entity.  Make small circles with your neck, wrists, and ankles.  Roll your shoulders.  Stretch your arms overheard.  Breathe deeply throughout.  Inhale love, exhale love.

5. Walk every chance you get

Golf carts are more than common where I work--people use them to get absolutely everywhere on the lot.  I refuse to use one, no matter how great the distance.  I know my legs will thank me later.

6. Bring healthy snacks

This way you won't starve yourself into giving into a donut from the break room.  If you keep yourself fueled on fruit, veggie sticks, or nuts, you won't get hungry and be tempted to splurge on unhealthy crap. 

7. Do leg lifts in your chair

Too busy to get up and walk?  No problem.  Slowly lift one leg at a time while you type, calculate, make phone calls, whatever.  Great for the core and a simple energy boost.

These are just a few of my ways to stay health-conscious and happy in an office; if I didn't do these things, I doubt I'd be able to fight the urge to run out the door and straight into the nearest field, screaming and ripping out my hair tie.  Maybe it wouldn't be that dramatic.

Do you have any other ideas?  Do you think mine SUCK? Leave a comment!!


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Lady Gaga's Top 5 Looks

5. Sharp Angles

How she did it, I will never know.  Why?  An even bigger enigma.  I remember back about 5 years ago when Gaga came out with bones threatening to burst right through her skin, I thought she must be insane.  Who would do something like this?  It's still wildly strange, not necessarily attractive, but maybe that's what I've come to appreciate about it.  Gaga's goal isn't to drop jaws or make all the boys come running; her goal is to stand out and be original, as cliché as that sounds.  She makes these shocking and sudden alterations to her image to be a model for those who are too afraid to be themselves.  If this woman can boldly go onstage with sharp angles poking against the skin of her face, we can do much more.

4. Edible Arrangement

Another look that no one could shut up about the day after she walked the VMAs' Carpet.  The woman literally wore a butcher shop, with shoes to match.  This always makes me laugh; it's just so ridiculous.  Much like Alexander Wang, Jeremy Scott, and the team of Vetements, she proves that fashion can and should have a sense of humor.  Sure, maybe she took it a bit further than these designers, but why not go all out?

3. Mami Monster

Gaga as a chola in her music video for the single "Judas," one of my favorite songs by her.  This look was so heartwarming for me because I grew up around girls that dressed like this and led extremely dramatic romantic lives--it's all I knew as a teenager, which is when this came out.  When done properly, I think the chola look can be tragically glamorous.  The skin tight pants, the studded jacket, the harsh makeup and shiny hair.  There's something confident and inspired about it.  As someone who's seen the chola brow up close and personal, Lady Gaga nailed it.

2. Minimalistic Sophistication

One of her cleanest and most simple looks, Lady Gaga is still absolutely breathtaking.  This was her look for the 2016 Golden Globes, where she won a Globe for her outstanding performance in AHS:Hotel.  Proof that while Lady Gaga clearly knows how to use hair, makeup, and costume to her advantage, she is just as beautiful without.

1. Gaga as "The Countess"

My absolute favorite look of hers.  Gaga played The Countess in AHS:Hotel; her chilling performance won her a Golden Globe.  What many people don't know is that Lady Gaga majored in theater when she was studying in New York; while she's a talented singer and performer, she is also phenomenal as an actress.  Usually I'm frustrated by celebrities who are cast in acting roles; they very rarely have any transferrable talent.  However, Lady Gaga was absolutely fantastic.  She was the only reason I watched the show (I'm not a regular fan), and I think she stole it. 

More Countess photos (because, for lack of a better word, she slayed):

Dakar Style

Dakar Fashion Week

This week marks the beginning of Dakar Fashion Week, a weeklong celebration of style and fashion unique to Africa.  While it is held in Senegal, the event is devoted to recognizing talent throughout the continent. 

Dakar Fashion Week is in its 14th year, having evolved from being a one-day event to an eight-day extravaganza.  Senegal native and designer Adama Paris told Vogue, "I remember the very first time we did this here, I was just 21; it was tough for people to take me seriously.  Now when Fashion Week happens everybody in the city knows it—we own Dakar."

It's inspirational to watch a culture not necessarily known for associations with high fashion to put on their own interpretation of what is considered stylish and beautiful.  We typically only follow fashion from New York, Paris, Milan, or London, but there are so many designers around the world with a message they want to get across.  Each culture has its own version of what is in and out for each season, what works for their men and women and what doesn't, and what makes each individual feel stunning, free, and lovely.  I love the chance to see what other women wear to give them confidence and allow them to shine among the masses. 

Attached are some backstage photos of the beautiful women involved in Dakar Fashion Week.  Leave a comment with your opinion.  What stands out to you?  What do you like?  What don't you like?  How does it compare to your perception of what is fashion?  I'm interested to hear what you have to say.


Credits: info from

Monday, June 13, 2016

Happy 30th Birthday MK & Ashley Olsen!


Happy Birthday to my style icons.  All the 90's babies feel pretty long in the tooth knowing that the famous twins are 30 years old today. 

The Olsen twins have so much significance for me and my childhood, and I'm sure there are so many other men and women my age who feel the same way.

We all know them from Full House, but the Olsens have done so much more than play a bratty little kid on a 90's sitcom.  Obsessively renting every VHS (wow) of their movies, buying all of their soundtracks, and keeping up with their TV show So Little Time, I feel like I grew up with the twins.  I identified the most with the girlishness that was Ashley, taking care to mimic her gentle demeanor and style.  I never forgot Mary-Kate, though.  Her consistent role as the boisterous tomboy gave me a courage and humor necessary to survive adolescence. 

Yes, they made their name in the arms of Uncle Jesse and with the catchphrase, "You got it, dude!", but the twins have accomplished so much more that most of the world is unaware of.  Aside from their massive movie franchise and TV show appearances (Winning London and It Takes Two are forever my favorite; I dare you to judge me), they have accomplished so much in the fashion world.

Setting out to design their own labels Elizabeth and James and more recently The Row, their goal has consistently been to provide women with a wardrobe they can depend on and feel most comfortable in.  Their lines consist of basic classics done with the covetable Mary-Kate and Ashley style they've been flaunting since they were just shy of a year old. 

Who else has fond memories of these two?  Feel free to reminisce about an old movie, show, or moment from these two icons.